Product Managers

Product management is what I did for the better part of 15 years at companies like Apple and Microsoft. And I know what it takes to be successful in this naturally ambiguous role. I also know that there are many flavors of PM and many flavors of PM leader. If you are experiencing a disconnect in your current role... your team isn't gelling, or what you want and your manager wants is different... I can help you.


There are many styles of leadership. Some of them are great for leading innovation and others... not as much. I can help you determine your current style and see where you might want to grow in order to deliver more innovative outcomes.


I am currently getting my coach certification through CTI. While I am in training, I am working at a discounted rate with individuals interested in innovating their lives - be it personally or professionally. I have extensive knowledge about health, wellness, fitness, relationships, career growth, and leadership.

Aspiring Product Managers

If you are trying to move into product management, you know how difficult it is to break into. I can teach you the basic skills you need, get your resume in shape, and prepare for interviews. We will put together a plan together. But perhaps more importantly, I can help you determine whether it really is the right move for you.